rustling voices: a sonic inquiry (2023) la becque & kunstraum walcheturm                    geschichten der gewalt (2022) for piano, percussions and electronic 
sorrn (2022), installation, abbatiale de bellelay
coulures 2 (2022) with laure marville
monolith (2022) for ensemble aabat  
le chien qui pleure (2021) with mélia roger, the listening biennial (errant bodies, berlin)
technosphere & fragmentation (2020) for resonating organs (label suisse festival)  
la résonance des ruines (2019) for ensemble ICTUS (Brussels)
éditions coulures (2019) with laure marville & atelier obscur
lose (2019), for ensemble tzara & text
écho/cide (2018), for hackbretters & cymbalum (Eklekto, Geneva)
The experience of limit (2018), solo piano for Tamriko Kordzaia
Les souffles des voix oubliées (2018), for bass clarinet & percussions
Multiple, numéro un (2018), multilingual publication (éditions du désordre)
On the brink of collapse (2017), for solo cello and tape machine (Apartment House, London)
Raw eht Now (2017), for Ensemble NEC, La Chaux-de-Fonds
Unfolding the Margins (2017), book (éditions du désordre)
Les Abîmes Hallucinés (2016), for ensemble & electronics (Ensemble Proton, Bern)
Multiple, numéro zéro multilingual publication (éditions du désordre)
Miasma (2016) for electronics, soprano sax & flute (Ensemble Inverspace, Basel)
Entwerkung (2016) for electric guitar & trombone
Live solo action (2016) solo for sax & electronic
Imperial Dissolution for Anti-Ensemble (2015), LUFF festival, Lausanne
Root, video piece by John Duncan (2015)
Accumulation (2015) for string quartet and electronics (Apartment House, London)
Trahir la Place  (2015) with Stéphane Montavon & Gilles Lepore
Schatten (2014) for string quartet (Sonar Quartett, Berlin)
Damage is Done (2014) for percussion solo & ensemble (Phoenix Ensemble, Basel)
Plastic Concrete (2014) for ensemble and electronics (Apartment House, London)
Réducteur de Vitesse (2014) for 2 percussions, backtape and contrabass clarinet
Decadere (2014) for accordion solo (Jonas Kocher)
Bolidages (2013) with Stéphane Montavon & Gilles Lepore
Ritournelle Fulgurante (2013) for string trio (oh ton Ensemble, Oldenburg)

Black Milk (2013) with Cédric Dambrain & Louise Vanneste
Furia (2012) for saxophone, piano & percussions (Ensemble Werktag, Zürich)
Dans une cascade (2012) for percusssions and backtape

Persona (2012) with Louise Vanneste
Schichten (2011) for ensemble (oh ton Ensemble, Oldenburg)
Espèce d'Espace (2011) with Jérome Noetinger & Valerio Tricoli

Chute (2011) for microtonal tuba, violin & percussions (Kammerensemble Neue Musik, Berlin)
Metakatharsis (2011) for ensemble and electronics (Phoenix Ensemble, Basel)
DUST (2010) for 3 violins & reel to reel tape recorder
Resonant Water (2009) for tuba, double bass, bass clarinet & tenor saxophone
Irrepressible (2009) with Zbigniew Karkowski, Ohrenhoch Gallery, Berlin
Noise actions (2004-ongoing) solo for sax, amps, electronics & PA systems

Solo action (2005-ongoing) solo for acoustic sax & rooms (with or without backtape)
Flow (2002-2003) with Ulrike Gabriel, Axel Dörner & Gilles Aubry
Monno (1999-ongoing)
University of the Arts, Zurich (2018-) lecturer
University of Helsinki, Sibelius Academy (2014) guest lecturer
Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach (2011, 2010, 2009) guest lecturer
Goldsmiths College, London with Ilios & Karkowski (2010) guest lecturer

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