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Ritournelle Fulgurante (2012) for violin, cello & doublebass<<

Bolidage (2012) stereo mix

Multiple / excerpt (2012) for tenor sax & backtape

Schichten (2011) for the oh ton ensemble

DUST (2010) for 3 violins and electronics

Coi Tormenti (2010) with Valerio Tricoli

Errances & Mystères (2010) multitracked tenor sax

Live at the Compound, San Francisco (2010) sax & electronics

Sonic weapon (2009)

Il sogno (2008)

Resonant Water (2008) Ensemble excerpt 1

Resonant Water (2008) Ensemble excerpt 2

Le point immobile (2009)

Fools A (2008)

Fools B (2008)

Fools C (2008)

Untitled acoustic (2008)

Live action (2007)

Winter (2005)

Tilsiter Lichtspiele with Axel Dörner

Live at West Germany with Chris Corsano

Live at Radio Haus Nalepastrasse with Thomas Ankersmit

Live at Rhiz with Lasse Marhaug

Irrepressible with Zbigniew Karkowski


Dark Matter with Kasper Toeplitz

Flow, sentence of the day (2002)

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