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Echo/cide, LP, Tochnit Aleph, 2020

Chessex/Thomas/Noble/Edwards, digital, Otoruku, 2019

Subjectivation, solo works, LP, Fragment Factory/Absurd, 2018

Der Verboten, CD, Cleanfeed, Portugal, 2017

Apartment House, Noetinger & Chessex, CD, Bocian records, Poland, 2016

Maja Ratkje's Crepuscular Hour, DVD, CD, LP, Rune Grammofon, Norway, 2016

Werktag/Chessex/Buess, LP, A Tree in a Field records, Switzerland, Autumn 2015

Multiple, solo work for tenor sax, CD released on Musica Moderna, Italy, 2014

SELECTED CHAMBER MUSIC WORKS, CD released on Tochnit Aleph, Germany, 2014

Sonic Weapon, Less Lethal vol. 2, custom-designed shoulder patch & download, Alku, Spain, 2014

Monno, Cheval Ouvert, CD on Idiosyncratics records, 2013, Belgium,

Errances, solo work for tenor sax, 100 copies sikscreened on Under Records, Belgium, 2013

DUST for 3 violins & electronics, CD, Cave12 records, Switzerland, 2011

Coi Tormenti, LP, with Valerio Tricoli, Dilemma records, Austria, 2010

Fools, LP, solo works for tenor sax & marshall amp, Tourette Records, USA, 2010

Terra Incognita, LP, solo works: live in Berlin, Aarhus and Hong Kong, Absurd, Greece, 2009

Calcination, CD, with Ktho Zoid, amplifed sax & guitar, Utech, USA, 2009

Power, Stupidity & Ignorance, Split w/ Arnaud Rivière, Sax & electronics, Petit Mignon, France, 2009

MONNO-Ghosts, LP & CD, Conspiracy records, Belgium, 2008

Untitled, CD-r, Acoustic sax, Naivsuper, Berlin, 2008

Lost in Destruction, CD-r, Sax & electronics Live, Editions Zero, Greece, 2007

Silences, CD-r, Junk electronics, Tanzprocess, France, 2007

MONNO-Error, LP & CD, Conspiracy records, Belgium, 2006

Swiftmachine, electroacoustic improvisation trio, Creative Sources, Portugal, 2005

Kainkwatett, acoustic improvisation trio, Schraum, Germany, 2004

MONNO-Candlelight Technology, CD, Subdeviant recordings, Belgium, 2004


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> Live in New York, 10 seconds solo track featured on Hans Trapp 7inch+Art print. Limited to 320 ex. numbered.

> Errances excerpt featured on the Echtzeitmusik triple CD's compilation on Mikroton records (Russia)

> Free digital download version of m.o.n.d with Kasper Toeplitz available on Radical Matters editions.

> A tape version of Fools is out on Blossomingnoise in the U.S


Vers d'autres minimalismes sonores aujourd'hui, magazine du Grand Théâtre de Genève, 2019

Bruit psycho-actif, interview de Rudolf dans Revue et Corrigée, Paris, 2019

Entretien dans Eklekto Magazine, Genève, 2018

Multiple, numéro un, éditions du désordre, Zürich, 2018

Unfolding the Margins, Zürich: éditions du désordre, Zürich, 2017

Thinking a Sonic World in Kritik: eine Publikation als Ausstellung, Zürich: ZHdK, 2017

Multiple, numéro zéro, Zürich, 2016

Interview in Noise in and as Music, Cassidy, Aaron & Einbond, Aaron, Huddersfield: University of Huddersfield Press, 2013

Interview in Revue et Corrigée no 82, Noetinger, Jérôme, Lille: 2013